Starring Kim Eberhardt


“An awesome show with heartfelt stories and toe-tapping songs!”

“A wonderful, uplifting evening!”

“A definite must-see!”

“It’s the BEST!”

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Love Dolly

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A special tribute

Show business veteran and uber talented Kim Eberhardt is a true artist. She and her terrific band perform beloved hits of country legend Dolly Parton brilliantly.


Kim’s award-winning show business career as a multi-talented singer, actress, dancer, and choreographer has taken her all over the world. She sings and talks like Dolly!

LOVE DOLLY delivers Dolly’s music, wit, and glamour with polish and precision. With all-time smash hits like 9 to 5, Jolene, Islands in the Stream, and I Will Always Love You, this is a country party you've just got to see.


Treat yourself to this seriously fun night out!